Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seven ways to Live A Victorious Life

Give God first place in the morning

God is not pleased with second place let alone third place in our lives. Talk to God the first thing in the morning before you talk to anybody else or before you do anything. Give the first fruits of your day to God.

This is the same principle used when tithing to God. The first thing you do when you receive your salary is to set aside tithe/pay tithe, then you can use the rest. When Christians do this, God is honoured. The purpose of tithing is to teach us always to put God first in our lives (Deuteronomy: 14:23), which attracts blessings in our lives because God rebukes the devourer.

The first commandment entirely talks of us been able to give God the first priority in EVERYTHING in our lives.

God need our hearts first, then our sacrifices (Hebrews 13:15). This means we have to offer our lips, our thoughts, our words, our attitudes, our bodies, our hands, our feet for His use. God wants us to be as living sacrifice, full of zeal to serve and sacrifice to Him because the main reason God created us is that we may worship Him.

Psalms 22:3 says "But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel". This means that if we worship and praise God, He comes and inhabits with us. If you want the power and the presence of God, just worship Him.

Discipline yourselves to rise up early and pray

Mark 1:35 tells us that in the morning, Jesus used to rise up a great while before daybreak, he went out and departed in a solitary place and then prayed.For God to speak to us we need to rise up early like our saviour used to do and find a solitary place conducive to clear communication with God. Switch off any other line of communication and let God talk to you all alone in an intimate manner

Luke 22:39 tells us Jesus came out, and went, as his custom/habit was, unto the mount of Olives.

Proverbs 8:17 tells us that God loves them that love Him and those that seek Him early shall find Him.If we discipline ourselves to rise up early, the Word says that we will find God and must have a breakthrough in prayer. This consequently gives us a breakthrough the whole day.

Psalms 5:3 says, My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O lord, in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up

Exodus 24:4 tells that Moses rose up early in the morning, and build an alter under the hill, and twelve pillars, according to the twelve tribes of Israel. Like Moses, let us learn to lay an alter and sacrifice to God early in the morning.

Jesus made it a habit of going up to the mountain to spend time with God. If you do something consistently for thirty days, it becomes a habit. If you are trying to break a bad habit, then you have to not do it repetitively and the bad habit will break. Likewise, to form a good habit such as prayer, you have to do it repetitively for a long time and then it will become part of you. Follow Jesus' example and form a habit of starting your day with prayer.This calls for a high level of discipline, and we are called to be the disciple of Jesus. The word disciple means someone disciplined in the teachings of Christ.

Joy and Peace

You can experience joy all day if you start your day by spending time with God, reading His word, meditating, declaring God's Word in your life and listening for His directions. The joy of the Lord is our strength and when we have it, it is contagious to those people around us.

Being busy and always on the run affects our spiritual lives because we cannot hear from God when we are not focused. Make confessions like, God's mercies and loving kindness are new every morning, this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it e.t.c.

Spiritual warfare

The early hours of the morning exhorts serious spiritual influence upon human lives. This means that morning prayers should be compulsory and not an option because it shapes our day. With daily encounter with God, we grow up to be on fire today and tomorrow and so experience victory and dominion over the devil. Let not the race for material things rob you of the opportunity to capture the day

When wizards chant their religious prayers, counter-attack them with your prayers. We are all aware when wizards do their chanting and so should not be sleeping when we should be in battle. Don’t allow the workers of evil to chant their prayer without counter-attacking them. How can you contend with those who wake up at 5.00 am and chant demonic prayers when you wake up at 8.00am and say a heartless grace on your way to work? Being prayerless is risky at these end times we are in.

The mornings has ears and they do hear the voice of men and spirits.The word of God doesn't put any difference between living and non-living things. The forces of nature, which are seen, came into being because they heard the voice of God. The mornings can hear both negative and positive words and respond accordingly.

Wake up and confess positive things and good things about the day . Do not unconsciously collaborate with the workers of wickedness by confessing negatively because you will reap sorrow, tragedy and misery when you do. This is so because there is a lot of wicked spirits in the second heavens, which are ready to carry out wicked assignments when summoned by wicked agents as well as you when you confess things negatively. Exercise control by breaking the enchantments of Satanists. This will make your life too hot for the devil to handle. It would be impossible for wizards to operate when you are praying.

Make it a habit and eventually days, weeks, months and years will turn into a live of victory. Refuse to become a victim of circumstances so that God's purpose for your life will be fulfilled. Start to experience dominion by taking your prayers to a higher level.

Your authority (Job:38:12-15)

You have authority to live a life of victory and forbid the devil to torment you. Use the keys that God has given you to loose God's blessing upon your efforts and bind the evil works that come against the fruits of your labor today.

Your authority spans over entire work of creation (even animals, sun, moon etc). All things are under your control including spirits. God expects us to use that power to the maximum. If the devil realizes you don't know your rights he exploits it.

Command the morning in order to arrest the tide of wickedness. Seeing that the book of Job tells us to shake that wickedness from the earth, it shows that wickedness is entrenched in the heavenlies. If we fail to take action, wickedness will remain in place or overpower us as we sleep. Many lives have been lost, many homes and marriages wrecked, innumerable destinies cut short and accidents organized. Our ignorance will make evil to continue operating unabated.

Spiritual Hindrance in the 2nd Heaven (Daniel 10:12-13, 20)

Many people pray but do not have a testimony to show because when they pray, God sends the answer down from heaven, but a spiritual roadblock which exists in the second heaven hinders the answer from coming down. Ancestral spirits rise up as a formidable force to hinder angels of blessings from bringing miracles and breakthrough down to earthly recipients. When such a barricade is erected, blessings are hindered and miracles are delayed.

Instead of complaining about the delay, Christians should pray consistently like Daniel prayed without getting tired. We need to pray, push, push in prayer until we get a breakthrough because stubborn ancestral spirits are not willing to let go.We need to call the fire of God. The moment your prayers ascend unto heaven through the vehicle of the chariot of fire it will penetrate the toughest of resistant barriers.

Deep Knowledge of God's Word

Going deep in the scriptures determines between living and dying, enjoying victory or suffering defeat, living in abject poverty or enjoying wealth

Deep knowledge of God's Word moves your life forward by fire. It empowers you to posses your inheritance in God.

For you to prophesy the Word of God to your life in prayer, you need to know the Word of God and whatever you prophesy aloud with your mouth must come to pass because you do it in faith.


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