Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obedience in Love

Consistency at Obedience in Love- Genesis 6:1-22

When you are consistent in doing something for a period of over thirty days, studies shows that it becomes a habit. If you love doing what you do, you will enjoy doing it and that will form a habit. On the other hand if you don't enjoy doing what you do, then you will not be able to be consistent no matter how hard you try.

Noah loved God, he enjoyed a close relationship with God This very fact made Noah to be consistent in his walk with God. When you walk with God consistency, God will trust you with His Word just like God trusted Noah and gave him an assignment to save the world during the flood, which Noah obeyed in love.

You have to be obedient in love because that is when God gives you a long life like he did to Noah. Mind you, Noah was 950 years when he died as recorded in Genesis 9:28.

Things that Obedience in Love Attracts

  • Favor with God
  • You become friends with God. God is proud of you and even tell others of your friendship
  • You will be the first to be informed before anything happens since you are friends like He informed Abraham about Sodom and Gomorrah. Just like you always communicate things with your friends, if your friend is God, then He will be communicating things to you. The only difference here is that you are communicating with the Creator of heaven and earth and not a human being. That is awesome.
  • You are given long life of happiness and not of sorrow
  • .God protects you in time of danger and that is the reason why we should laugh at our problems because we are assured of God's protection in times of any disaster.
  • God reveals His secrets to us.

Obedience in Love is loving God - John 2:3-6, Luke 11:28

If we love God, we have to obey His commandments. When we hear His Word we are supposed to put it into practice. For example, if we love God, when He tells us to love our enemies, show them love and feed them, it will not be hard to do it because we love God. When we love our enemies because we love God, then we are His true disciples for sure. When God tested Abraham, He wanted to test Abraham's love for Him. The same way, our consistency in obeying the command of God whether it is convenient to us or not is the test that we have to pass in order to prove our love towards God.

Obedience in Love is Loving and Obeying Our Parents - Ephesians 4:6

The bible commands us to obey and respect our parents in order to live long. We should not be arrogant to our parents; parents here includes your mother-in-law or you father-in law because according to God they are your parents too. Remember, how God abundantly blessed Ruth because of her respect and love for her mother-in law?

Whatever we sow, we shall reap. Whatever we  sow in our parents, it shall come back to us. If we obey our parents, even our own children shall obey us and we shall live long on this earth.

When we love God, we will be able to obey and love our parents unconditionally  because we want to please God. We are to love and obey them regardless of what they have done wrong. Our love to them should be unconditional just as God's love to us is unconditional.

Obedience is Love is Loving others - Exodus 20:12-120

The ten commandments are all wrapped together in love. When you love others, you will not want to do anything whatsoever to hurt or harm them. You will not dishonor your parents, you will not kill, you will not commit adultery, you will not steal, you will not bear false witness against your neighbor, you will not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor. You see! Once we start loving everybody irrespective of whether they are good or bad, then we shall be true disciples of Jesus because we will not do them any harm at all.

Today, my prayer is that as I serve God, I shall serve Him in love. I pray that when I witness to others about God, I shall do it in love. I pray that as I relate to others, I shall related to them in love because God is love.

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