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How to Beccome True Sons of God, Four Types of Sons - 2012

When you got born again,  you were made to become the son of God. The big questions is, have you being a faithful son that the Father is proud of or no? Basically, there are  four types of sons namely prodigal son, elder son, beloved son  and lastly stubborn rebellious son

Prodigal Son's Characteristics- Luke 15:11
  • Goes away from his father's house
  • Wants to be as far away from home as possible
  • Wastes his life's opportunities. Because he has gone far from the father, he is not able to understand what life is all about since he lacks a role model to direct his which is the right way to follow.
  • Recognizes his mistakes in the midst of his life's problems and returns to his father
  • Suffers and looses many things because of his foolishness and his rebellious ways.
Because of not recognizing God as a Father, you can loose many things. Fatherhood stands for authority and if you do not subject yourself to that authority, it cannot benefit you. The authority you honor is the one that you benefit from.

Elder Son' Characteristics - Luke 25-35
  • Stays at home with his father
  • Never commits any major sins because he is with the father all the time and the father continues to impact him the values of life that make him grow up separated from sin
  • Never strays off the stretched and narrow path set for him by his parents because of being under his parents authority, he knows which direction to go. He never strays from the right way
  • Does not live a life of pleasures and waste, for he knows there is a future  to live and he sees beyond. He does not squander his life opportunities
  • Develops a self-righteous and judgmental attitude towards those who stray away. Because of being close to the father, he walks right and does not commit sins that others has committed, he usually do not understand why others indulge themselves in such foolishness.
If you are one who have strayed away from home, pray that your father does not die before you come back home because your elder brother will not accept you back. He will tell you that since you had received your inheritance, there is nothing else left for you to return to.

We should operate in the spirit of a father instead of operating in the spirit of the elder brother which depicts mercilessness and un-forgiveness. Let us always be willing to accept those who stray away when they come beck, let us be merciful to them.
Beloved Son's Characteristics - Matthew 3:16-15, Matthew 17:1-5

  • Submits to authority like Jesus did in obedience - Philippines 2:5-11. Jesus was submissive even to die a shameful death. A contrite and humble spirit touches the heart of God
  • Humbles himself like Jesus humbled himself before John the Baptist. He did not look at who he was but looked at what God needed him to do. So he submitted to the work that God was doing through John. He understood that at that particular time, John was the man of the hour. Jesus submission to John meant that he was actually submitting to God's authority that was operating in John
  • Obeys all instructions whether it makes sense or not, whether it is difficult or easy. A born again christian who is a true beloved son of God will obey all levels of authority in his life e.g in the church, home, at work, nation etc. That way God can talk good of us. God will be proud of us also if we submit ourselves to Him and to His will

Stubborn and Rebellious Son's Characteristics- Deuteronomy 21-18-21, Ezekiel 2:8

  • Opposes instructions
  • Resists instructions
  • Dislikes the person of their father
  • Dislikes the methods of their father
  • Dislikes the ways of their father and wants to lead a different lifestyle from their fathers. They don't want to be moulded by their fathers and instead walks in perversion
  • Dresses and does everything different from their father. Since their outlook and acting is different from their fathers, they end up working against themselves because fathers are supposed to be role models in their lives.
  • Gets angry when corrected. They need to be corrected for being angry when corrected.Correction helps one to walk in the right way because rebellion and stubbornness leads to death. We should be ready to be corrected for he that a father loves chastens. Accept correction with a clean heart to be set free from destruction
God takes rebellion as a very terrible sin. He equates it with witchcraft and that is why the only judgement for it is death. Rebellion causes us not to reach the land of Canaan and instead die on the way to Canaan. We should be very careful, because though God has delivered us from Egypt, rebellion will deter us from reaching the promised land.

We are supposed to take God's word, obey it and speak it in obedience
God wants us to be His beloved sons because all other types of sons are deficient except that of the the beloved. Self must come to an end to allow God work in us

Galatians 4:20 shows us that we must be crucified with Christ, to let Christ live in us, to live by faith in God's Son. Let it all be about God and not about us. Let our food  be to do the will of God so that God shall back us and testify of us. THE WAY UP IS THE WAY DOWN, means that if we humble ourselves before God He shall raise us up.

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