Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Winter Hideaway in Mombasa, Seeing God's Glorious Creation

Kenyan Historical Landmark, The Fort Jesus Museum
Mombasa City, Kenya (East Africa) 
Roughly the size of Texas, Kenya has dedicated 10 % of its land to wildlife conservation. The Great Rift Valley and its spectacularly dramatic scenery are beyond words in Africa.

Fort Jesus has preserved the primary formation as when it was put up 400 years ago. It has suffered a history of murder, siege, starvation and bombardment. It is a delight for holidaymakers and if you leave Mombasa without visiting this major landmark in the history of East Africa you may find it a cause for regret. Mombasa is a seaport, industrial city on the Indian Ocean

The region remains very proud of its multinational influences over a thousand years. The unmatched Swahili cuisine, a blend of co-existing Christian and Muslim religions, multiracial cultures and exquisite historical architecture give a hint of the multi-racial people that existed in the 18th and 19th century and still have an effect in the way people live here. People are very friendly and helpful. They are genuinely concerned about giving directions to visitors.

The region is at the centre of a strip of idyllic tropical beaches offering the visitor a range of excellent resorts and quiet relaxing hideaways from winter in Europe. If you enjoy sunbathing, this is your destination. It offers a wide range of accommodation – from the exclusive and luxurious resorts, to the middle-of-the-range hotels. You can get the information from a tour company.

Just next to the fort is a well-stocked stall, where you can buy assortment of Kenyan tribes’ curios and traditional clothes - ranging from Maasai, Swahili, Pokot, Kamba, Kikuyu, and Giriama among others. You can decide to indulge in a cocktail under the shade and breath the cool breeze from the nearby sea as you hear the soothing Swahili music at the background.

In the museum gift shop, you can buy selected publications (cards, books, etc) and souvenirs (African crafts). The cafeteria offers a complete variety of delicious Swahili cuisines and soft drinks. The mouth-watering spiced rice, locally called pilau – its sweet smell is mouth whetting.
Other Places To Visit In Kenya

Haller Park/Nature Trail is a recreational quarry at the warmer coast, which is good destination for families. Expect sightings of giraffes, onyxes, monkeys, porcupines, giant tortoises, hippopotamus, snakes etc. Activities involve leisure walks, jogging, cycling etc. Butterfly bleeding session is available for those who enjoy nature. Don’t forget to buy striking clamshells to crown the occasion (after excavation, fossils were and are still found)

Enjoy a tour to the sea (Indian Ocean) in tamarind dhow. Music played and succulent dinner makes it good site for a romantic couple.

At Nakuru, the trademark feature of Lake Nakuru inhabits beautiful pink flamingos in large numbers.

It is amazing to see the wildebeest migration, in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve Visit the Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park for the wonderful experience.


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